Clans, Societies & Families

Clan Buchanan
“Clarior Hinc Honos”
Hence the brighter honour

Chisholm Society - U.S. Branch
“Feros Ferio”
I am fierce with the fierce

Clan Donald USA, N. Pacific Region
“Per Mare Per Terras”
By Sea By Land

Clan Donnachaidh Society
“Virtutis Gloria Merces”
Glory is the reward of valour

Clan Douglas
“Jamais arrière”
Never Behind

Clan Grant
Stand Fast

PNW Clan Gregor
“’S Rioghal Mo Dhream”
Royal is my Race

Clan Johnston/e in America
“Nunquam non Paratus”
Never Unprepared, Ever Ready

Clan Keith USA
“Veritas Vincit”
Truth conquers

Clan MacLaren
“Creag an Tuirc”
The boar’s rock 

Clan MacLean
“Virtue Mine Honour”

Clan Maxwell
“ Reviresco ”
I grow strong again

Clan Menzies
“Vil God I Zal”
With Gods will, I shall

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Clubs & Organizations

Daughters of British Empire
Irish Wolfhound Club of Puget Sound
National Tartan Day Society of WA
Pacific NW Cornish Society
Ord na Darach Gile, Circle of Coll, Bards of Caer Pugetia
Scottish American Military Society (SAMS), Post 1889
Seattle Scottish Highland Games Association

Pipes & Drums

Clan Gordon Pipe Band
Elliot Bay Pipe Band
Keith Highlanders Pipe Band
Kenmore & District Pipe Band
Olympia Highlanders Pipes and Drums
Tacoma Scots Pipe Band
Washington Scottish Pipe Band

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