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Red McWilliams

Red McWilliams - “America’s Celt”     Combining a percussive guitar with a rich baritone voice and a positive attitude has created the perfect blend of “entertainer”, the fact of which has been proven at around 57 Scottish Highland Games and Celtic festivals, renaissance faires, TV and radio and many coffee houses, pubs, clubs and restaurants on 3 continents, 7 countries, 42 states (including Hawai’i), from the US to Japan to Scotland and beyond, has been featured in numerous publications and radio shows and has numerous awards and commendations to his name.

    Always ready to perform, Red keeps his calendar full, due in the most part to the way he moves from ballads to bawdy, from patriotic to parody, historical to hysterical, only to be punctuated by off-the-wall comments, jokes, ribald humor and snide remarks caused by something in his nature that drives him to “entertain” his audiences.

    By the way, if you see him broken down on the highway, please stop and help him, he's on his way to the next event!

    Red extends his gratitude to all of his fellow Celts across the globe who have helped make this all possible. Without your support, there would be no “Red McWilliams”.

So come along for the ride, listen and find out for yourself!
Red McWilliams
The Celtic Tradition Continues"

Visit Red’s web site: Facebook: www.facebook.com/redmcwilliam.
Phone: in the US and Canada: 253-219-6068

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Scottish Court

Scottish Court Reenactment Group:     Ever wondered what it was like to live in the Scottish Royal Court of the 16th century during the reign of Mary Queen of Scots?     The Scottish Court Reenactment Group is a group of performers, lead by Her Majesty, Mary Queen of Scots.    Players reenact what it would be like on Mary’s process through Scotland.

Visit them at their Facebook page:The Scottish Court

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Old World Craftsman

Keith Phillips – Old World Craftsman     Where do you find Keith Phillips?  Look for a chisel, a mallet, a one-tone piece of sandstone and a Tenino quarry.

    Keith has made a career out of the ancient craft of stonecutting by sticking with traditional Scottish and time-tested tools, techniques and materials.  From his hand-built, three-sided workshed to his penchant for bagpipe music, the humble stonecutter has kept an important art form alive in the South Sound town of Tenino.  Tenino once quarried building stone for government and business business buildings throughout the West, from courthouses and banks to churches and the state capitol building.

    Some of Keith’s works can also be found in and around the Capitol campus in Olympia, Grays Harbor Courthouse, Clark Hall at the University of Washington, Stadium High School in Tacoma, Powell’s Book Store in Portland, Oregon Trail markers in Chehalis and Puyallup, and a myriad of memorial markers, monument stones, garden art pieces and other works of art.

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Scarlet Arts Design

Scarlet Arts Design     Hand made Celtic, Nordic, Viking drinking horns, leatherwork, knives, swords,fantasy armor, steampunk art, products from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, forging, chainmail

Visit them at their Facebook page:Scarlet Arts Design

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Sheep to Garment

Sheep to Garment     See how sheep wool is converted to yarn for clothing.

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Swalander Highland Cattle

Swalander Highland Cattle
    Founded in 2007

    Family owned and operated raising & breeding Champion Scottish Highland Cattle for show and top quality beef for your table.

    We raise and breed champion Scottish Highland Cattle for show and top quality natural Highland beef for your table.

    From our family to yours we strive to raise the highest quality beef possible.

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