We honor these Chieftains for their years of service to the Tacoma Highland Games and the Scottish community at-large.
These Chieftains were selected for their invaluable contribution to the success of the Tacoma Highland Games and their active support of the Scottish culture, traditions and customs.

Chieftain of the Games
1970-No Chieftain-Formation of Games
1971-Gordon Johnston
1972-Ellen Freckleton
1973-Alan Lomheim
1974-Johnny Montgomery
1975-Dick Roberts
1976-Jack Byce
1977-John Lumsden
1978-Hardyn Soule
1979-Tina Gray
1980-Ralph Munro
1981-Bess Montgomery
1982-Vivienne Zorich
1983-Tom Jones
1984-  Bev Kildow
1985-Barbara McBride
1986-Wally Clark
1987-Jack Knowles
1988-June Wilber
1989-Lawrence D. Sutton
1990-Shari Preston
1991-Michael McIntyre
1992-Marguerite Anne Wells
1993-William Micenko
1994-Joyce Denton
1995-Charles McNeill
1996-Sharon Workman
1997-Jack & Phyllis Donaldson
1998-Karen Easterday
1999-Jack Montgomery
2000-Rosemary Wallace
2001-Don Riley
2002-Sharon Ritelis
2003-Jim Call
2004-Marilyn Ball
2005-Bob Wallace
2006-  Betty Hegge
2007-Fred Ball
2008-Frances Crews
2009-Michael Walters
2010-Agnes Gilfeather
2011-Tom Patten
2012-Teresa (Ball) Robinson
2013-Chuck Cook
2014-Tami Gwynne
2015-Jack Green
2016-Jim & Pat McDonald
2017-Gary Cosgro
2018-Margaret Nelson

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