Board of Directors: Many thanks to the following people who have volunteered to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2018 Tacoma Highland Games:








Diana Kildow





Dick Husted





Cyndie Carr








Gale Gibb

Margaret Nelson

Greg Walsh

Leanore Curran

Red McWilliams

Jay O'Neill

Jeanne Medley

Carol Hoosier

Brian Nelson




      Held at 7:00 PM the first Wednesday of
      each month (except December) at
      Carr’s Restaurant,
      11006 Bridgeport Way
      Lakewood, WA.
      All Members are welcome.

Board Goals for 2018:

  •  Adopt a fiscally responsible budget with adequate reserves
  •  Increase attendance
  •  Expand offerings to include the entire Celtic Community
  •  Broaden membership and sponsorship base
  •  Continue the focus of being a “family friendly” event
  •  Explore additional grant writing opportunities
  •  Enlarge volunteer pool
  •  Increase presence on the website, Facebook and You Tube

Visit our website:

Facebook: Tacoma Games Facebook

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