2017 Entertainment
    Entertainment Chair Red McWilliams announces the outstanding performers for this year's Tacoma Highland Games

    A bit of the Emerald Isles from the Hawaiian Isles! The Kilt Lifters celebrate our island nations with their eclectic and electric Celtic rock duo. With rocked out traditional and original tunes, paired with beautiful classic ballads, The Kilt Lifters bring a modern twist to the Celtic music we all love.

    Ginger Ackley is a Texas native now living in Ohio. She's taken her life-long passion for music and combined it with a love of history and tradition, and melded it all into a delightful style of Celtic Folk! Performing both traditional and contemporary songs, she plays her autoharp and whistles.

    Times Past Entertainment’s Jade Dragon Pirates have been entertaining the masses since 2005. In the beginning they were designed to be part of the storyline cast for the local Renaissance Festival, but have since grown to appear and take part in charitable functions, parties, corporate functions and other festivals and fairs. Whether they are coming as a whole crew of 20 or performing and playing with the kids as a team of 4, they provide the energy and enthusiasm of true entertainers.

    Celtic Treble is a Dynamic Celtic music Trio! Annie Henry on fiddle, guitar and vocals, Denise O'Falin on guitar, mandolin and vocals, and Jon Crain on bagpipes and drums. Celtic Treble performs throughout the Pacific Northwest including major Festivals, Highland Games, and public and private events.

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